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     Diversity is a key concept in my musical world.  Since musical sound is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, my aim is to employ a variety of approaches to explore the vast reaches of audible space.  Through many types of projects I strive to maintain a sense of discipline and order while embracing life's inherent chaos and having fun in the process.  The results play on passion and intellect, from the ecstatic to the sublime.  Here you will find a collection of resources about my music.  Follow the sound and enjoy!

      About me:

     Composer / performer Jeremy Starpoli has been developing his unique musical interests in the northeast United States for over two decades. His original music explores our perception of the fundamental parameters of musical sound (pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tone color) as a basis for creating detailed worlds of sound in a variety of styles.  As a composer, Starpoli's interest in sound as a perceptual substance motivates endless variations of musical material.  As a performer, Starpoli has over fifteen years experience playing primarily slide trombone along with a variety of bass strings and percussion instruments.  Based in Western Massachusetts, Starpoli has collaborated with many regional and internationally-known musicians such as Joe McPhee, Jessica Pavone, Dan Greenwood (a.k.a. Diagram A), Ben Karetnick, Cliff White, and many others.  He has performed with groups such his own RICEnsemble, the Middletown (CT) Creative Orchestra, power-noise-core band Squidlaunch, etc.  His approach to the trombone utilizes a wide variety of conventional and extended techniques, allowing for diverse sound-types and moods.  The music of J Starpoli is noisy and passionate at times, at others it is textural or rhythmic or melodic, crossing many styles and sounds in a constant exploration.  Follow the sound.

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Solo (composition, theory, RICEnsemble) starpolisounds.suchfun.net/solowork.html
    with miscellaneous performance videos, audio and links to collaborations

Shokazoba starpolisounds.suchfun.net/shokazoba.html

Rob Skelton's Pitchfork starpolisounds.suchfun.net/pitchfork.html

Co-op Jazz starpolisounds.suchfun.net/co_opjazz.html

Something Else starpolisounds.suchfun.net/somethingelse.html

Greenwood / Starpoli duo starpolisounds.suchfun.net/greenwoodstarpoli.html

Cardinaux / Starpoli duo starpolisounds.suchfun.net/cardinauxstarpoli.html

PRINTS starpolisounds.suchfun.net/prints.html

Pyramid Scheme Trio starpolisounds.suchfun.net/pyramidscheme.html

Resistance Blue Duo starpolisounds.suchfun.net/resistanceblue.html

Correspondence Quartet starpolisounds.suchfun.net/correspondencequartet.html

Squidlaunch starpolisounds.suchfun.net/squidlaunch.html