Brendon: vocals (
Shawn: guitar
Bob: guitar and sax
Phloyd: trombone and noisemakers
Dan: bass and electronics
Ethan: drums (

Western Mass. Power Violence! As young people into all sorts of radical music and artistry, we knew we could add something to the then burgeoning international noise / hardcore scene beyond emulating our influences. Plus, we could clear a crowed punk show in less than a minute flat. The band went through many changes over its' history, but during my time in it I had a blast (literally) finding all the "wrong" sounds on my trombone, and I haven't changed since. Song titles such as "Amoxil Lysergic Capacity", "Blyrfyx", "Feast on Vomit", etc., will perhaps give some sense of what this band was about.


We have a 7" from a show recorded on WFMU in 1995 and released twelve years later on Interplanetary Music / Cardboard / Bonescraper / $ tree / LFA / Spooky Tree Records
     Check out this review by WFMU:

There is also a track on the X-Pluralus compilation from Mystra Records, which can be found here (among other places):