J Starpoli - solo works


J Starpoli - Pheepo Troth.mp3
(J Starpoli, Michael Dessen (mdessen.com), Doug LaRosa - trombones)
recorded 2004

J Starpoli -TextForTwo.mp3
(J Starpoli - trombone, Seth Dellinger - contrabass)
Recorded October 2001 live at the Music Overground series, Manhattan, NYC

J Starpoli - Ik_tak_tak.mp3
(Zach Weingarten- guitar, J Starpoli- trombone and bass guitar, Bob Gibeault- drum set)

J Starpoli - Sonogrammatics.pdf

Sonogrammatics: A Method of Musical Composition Based on Sound Analysis
my Division III "thesis" for Hampshire College



RICEnsemble at the Starbux Studios Rent Party in Turners Falls, MA - February 6, 2011

(J Starpoli- trombone, fretless bass guitar, hand percussion, digital editing and live mixing)

RICEnsemble at the Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #16 in Lake Pleasant, MA - April 18, 2009

(J Starpoli- trombone, fretless bass guitar, contrabass, hand percussion, metronomes, digital editing, live mixing, with audience participation)   
Live performance from Lake Pleasant, MA at the National Spiritualist Alliance Hall.


RICEnsemble - LiveAtMeadArtMuseum.mp3
(J Starpoli -
trombone, fretless bass, hand percussion, digital editing, live mixing)
Live performance from the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, March 2010.

RICEnsemble - Ponomedar.mp3

(J Starpoli- trombone, digital editing)
Recorded in Western MA, 2008

also check out some short bonus tracks at www.myspace.com/jaystarsound


     Here are some links to miscellaneous performances I have given with non-regular groups or as a sideman.  Most of the video footage in this section was shot by the ubiquitous Ted Lee; check out his mammoth documenting of the western MA scene at www.youtube.com/user/ZEBU1212

Ron Schneiderman / Andy Crespo Duo with J Starpoli & Peter Bonos at The Elevens in Northampton, MA - September 1, 2011
Peter Bonos Blow Out! at Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA - August 30, 2011
Joe McPhee / Chris Corsano / Andy Crespo / J Starpoli at Flywheel - March 2, 2011 (set 1)

Joe McPhee / Chris Corsano / Andy Crespo / J Starpoli at Flywheel - March 2, 2011 (set2)
Free Jazz Scream Team at Flywheel in Easthampton, MA - August 31, 2010
Gastric RICE Lavage Ensemble at Flywheel in Easthampton, MA - May 2, 2010
Belltone Suicide at Grey Matter Books in Hadley, MA - March 18, 2010
J Starpoli with Peter Bonos and Matt Weston at the Elevens in Northampton, MA - August 2, 2009
AO Groupuscule at the Purple House in Northampton, MA - November 15, 2008
Part of a work by Jack Callahan, titled substantia absolute infinita, for two trombones, is posted here: jackcallahan.tumblr.com
There are a few jammin' tracks recorded with guitarist Dan Lederer on his music page: danlederer.com/music.htm

Here is a track my friend Ethan (ex-Squidlaunch) put together with audio samples from myself and others: stateshirt.com/music/driving-forever/
Hear miscellaneous audio tracks at www.myspace.com/jaystarsound

Annual poetry conference in Northfield, MA where I collaborate with creative writers:
Western MA faves Fat Worm of Error (fatwormoferror.suchfun.net) put out an LP, "Broods" that features me in a horn section. 
     Here is the Ecstatic Peace description: Fat Worm of Error: Broods LP on Ecstatic Peace

Picture of me playing with Drew Hutchinson's Frugal Jazz Project: frugaljazzproject.blogspot.com